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Love and compassion are the two important things in any relationships. If there is enough of both any relationship in this planet will be strong, and it is hard for any external force to break it.

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Long distance relationship is a very complicated thing. It demands a lot of patience and trust. If you can pull it off, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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To all people who need some action without any strings attached, it is the perfect relationship to be in.

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The 39 rules of Santorini

On the one hand, May Day is just around the corner with Santorini tours suggesting we combine tours with travel.

On the other hand, the weather was finally reminiscent of summer, but we didn’t want our excursion to soar. Santorini is more than ‘one of the most beautiful islands in Greece’. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and we are very proud of it.

The 39 rules of Santorini

So proud to have compiled the list of 39 rules for the next time you enjoy it.

Destination: Santorini – what else? Whenever this is the case, it is true that:

  1. If it’s so nice to walk on Santorini, think how nice it is to run it.
  2. On the donkeys, you were in your 10s. Now you can go on foot, no one will misunderstand you.
  3. If you haven’t had a sunset in Oia then, you have NO idea what to say sunset.
  4. No matter how many times you see it, you never get bored of this sunset.
  5. Why aren’t those who watch the sunset taxed? What does the tourism ministry do?
  6. At sunset, it’s nice to sit on the faces of tourists whose jealousy was not born in this place
  7. Before the instant of the setting sun, take a stroll from the Chili Bar to Perivolos. They may brew beer and maybe stink, but it’s worth it.
  8. Volkan or Crazy Donkey? These are dilemmas. These are beers.
  9. The old five days, then the buccaneers, then the models, then the basketball players, then the Chinese. Santorini belongs to its people.
  10. Do not quarrel if it has a better view of Firostefani or Imerovigli. Everywhere is beautiful.
  11. You never forget the first time you see the Red Beach.
  12. A kids beach, a beach.
  13. Yes, Santorini has no beaches. Underneath your apartment building in Zografou is golden sand stretching from the Maldives eh?
  14. The uphills are difficult but the reward of running with this view is even better.
  15. Fava, tomatoes, white eggplant, capers, wines. These are the things that tourists should normally applaud. Try everything, in all possible and unlikely combinations (see fava ice cream).
  16. Santorini tomatoes should be more famous than the volcano.
  17. The best food awaits you at the Tower. No, it’s not a beach, but a village. Authentic and honest. Discover it.
  18. Every corner of Santorini hides beauties. From Exo Gialos to Pyrgos and from Emporio to Megalochori.
  19. Sandwich for lobster macaroni and crepe bread (indicative time of arrival: 08.00).
  20. All roads lead to Oia. Growing up I mean. When you have a permanent relationship or family. The Fira Gingerbread is exclusively for bakery friends.
  21. As you head for Oia, take the new road – unless the turns and cliffs make you.
  22. It’s ridiculous to stink at the only tree in Oia (a small one in the square). I tell you I have it.
  23. A selfie with a newly married Chinese couple to get the season going.
  24. Quota # 1 should normally be entered. Of the 100 tourists, 60 places for Chinese, 20 for Europeans, 10 for Greeks, 10 for others.
  25. Normally you should get a quota of # 2 Sandwiches 0.02% of your monthly income, 0.08% beer, 0.2% pork. Then let me see you rich.
  26. Gift yourself the Caldera Tour with sailing. Experience life on the BBQ at sea, next to the volcano.
  27. There is so much wine with the best views.
  28. And yes, that’s how I imagine paradise.
  29. It’s so beautiful you can’t enjoy it.
  30. If you’re tired of classic shows, don’t forget the free-runners you can see rooftop rooftop.
  31. If the volcano were active, we wouldn’t be talking about a lava, but a lava biose.
  32. As you know, Mykonos and Santorini are like penguins in love.
  33. 25% of the magic of Santorini is to arrive by boat at dawn and cut off as you approach the port, not believing where you are.
  34. The other 25% is to breathe again when you board the bus from the port of Fira.
  35. The other 50% is the caldera, your eyes getting lost in the sight of a long lounge at Franco’s.
  36. The historic pub Two Brothers ends every night that respects itself.
  37. In Fira in August, the road is more congested and morning to morning at the University.
  38. And no no, it’s not too early to talk about Santorini. At April’s Imerovigli dawn – I’m not saying it, Christos Kyriazis says it. You must visit Santorini!
  39. Whatever the question, the answer is Santorini private guided tours!

The 39 rules of Santorini

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Why is Exercise so Essential for Good Sex?

Is better fitness one of your goals for 2020? How about better sex?

Luckily, those two goals have a lot in common. And if you’re visiting the gym more often, you’ll likely see some results in the bedroom. Your partner may notice, too.

Why is exercise so important for good sex?

  • It keeps your blood circulating. Good blood flow around your body – and to your genitals – helps keep tissues in proper working order.
  • It keeps you strong and flexible. You might have heard this phrase: “Rest is rust. Motion is lotion.” Exercise is good for your muscles and joints, and it might enhance your ability to engage in a variety of sexual activities and positions.
  • It boosts your self-esteem. Meeting your fitness goals, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying healthy can do wonders for your self-esteem and self-image.
  • It adds to your overall health. Healthy lifestyle habits – including regular exercise – might reduce your risk for other medical conditions that could negatively affect your sexual health, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

Ready to learn more? We’ve compiled a list of links on sex and exercise to get you started!

For Everyone

Exercise and Sex Health How, exactly, is exercise good for sex? This article discusses specifics, like endorphins, body image, better mental health, and more.

Cardio Could Boost Your Sex Life!  Cardio activities, like running and swimming, boost your heart rate. In this study, men and women who added more cardio to their exercise plan had improved sexual function.

Lifestyle Changes Might Improve Sexual Health In addition to exercise, it’s important to consider our other daily habits. Scientists investigated the effects of six lifestyle factors – cigarette smoking, alcohol use, physical activity, diet, caffeine consumption, and cannabis use – on men’s and women’s sexual function.

Health Benefits of Sex Does sex count as exercise? It might. During a half hour of sex, you could burn up to 250 calories!

For Women

Regular Exercise Important for Women’s Sexual Health Women’s sexual function can benefit from acute exercise (shorter bursts) and chronic exercise (long-term fitness). For example, acute exercise is linked to the regulation of hormones like estrogen, which keeps vaginal tissue healthy.

Cycling Has No Impact on Women’s Sexual or Urinary Health, Study Finds Cycling is great cardio exercise, but for women, bike saddles and handlebar positions have been associated with genital numbness and urinary tract infections (UTIs). In this study, researchers compared the sexual and urinary experiences of female cyclists with those of runners and swimmers.

For Men

Want Better Erections? Create an Exercise Plan! How much exercise do men really need to improve their erections? Scientists weigh in.

Men, Protect Your Testicles! While this article isn’t about exercise directly, it does explain why men should protect their genitals when playing sports. One forceful hit with a basketball or baseball could damage the testes, the glands that produce sperm and testosterone.

Specific Exercises

Cycling and Sexual Health – An Update Here you’ll find advice for both men and women on safe cycling. For example, make sure your bike is a good fit for you, and make adjustments as necessary.

Need to Tone Your Pelvic Floor? Try Kegels! While you probably won’t find Kegels on a list of fitness programs at the gym, these easy-to-do exercises tone your pelvic floor, making sex more comfortable. Both men and women can do Kegels, and this article explains how!

First Things First

Feeling pumped for more exercise? Before you start, give your doctor a call. He or she can advise you on the best types of exercise for your personal health situation. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, you might want to start small and build up your fitness plan gradually. And if you’re feeling pain, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms during exercise, be sure to let your doctor know.

Get Moving!

You can still add more physical activity to your day, even without formal exercise. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or park your car farther from the office. Try some yoga stretches at your desk. Take a walk with a friend at lunchtime. What other activities can you think of?

Have Fun!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a fitness plan is fun. You need to enjoy what you’re doing to stick with it. Think about what you prefer. Solitary exercise? Team sports? Outdoor activities? Organized classes?

Don’t hesitate to try new things as well. You might have never pictured yourself as a runner, but you might love sightseeing in your city during a long jog. Or, you might not think hockey or basketball is for you, but you might enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that develops on a team.

Keep your mind open, stick with your plan, and enjoy the potential sexual benefits!

Source link

Sex in pop music

When Australian pop musician Troye Sivan called out a journalist for asking whether he was a “top or bottom” of his favoured sexual placement, the reaction was, essentially, among support. Yet there were some, such as the writer of a now-deleted article in Out publication, that called the South African-born Australian artist a hypocrite because his album, Bloom, was supposedly” [everything about] bottoming”.

It felt like the most recent minute in pop culture where various generational mindsets towards sex stopped working to equate. As verified by Sivan’s interview, it’s simple to implicate more youthful generations of prudishness (a Slate write-up declared millennials were judgemental concerning promiscuity) without thinking about that possibly it’s even more to do with the language that’s being made use of. The conversation of kinky secret has expanded immeasurably over the decades, so it’s no surprise that older generations are having a hard time to maintain. And while news stories, comment and also functions over the past year have informed us that millennials are having much less sex– a phenomenon criticized on stress and anxiety and also anxiousness triggered by the pressures of modern life– sex in popular song hasn’t gone anywhere. We’re just talking about it in different ways, whether it’s LGBT+ relationships, body picture, masturbation, religious oppression, or overturning tropes of maleness and also feminineness to challenge social stereotypes.

The subject

For queer musicians, the subject of faith is a means of subverting unfavourable views of LGBT+ culture, otherwise to fix up themes of love and praise. Baltimore-born singer Serpentwithfeet, who matured in a rigorous religious home vocal singing for an all-boys choir, now utilizes scripture songs to sing about his relationships with males. It’s a fork in the road that scripture songs required to get to pop, which harks back to 1961 when Ben E King launched his hit “Wait Me”– stemmed from the Heart Stirrers’ “Stand By Me Father”, which consequently included a line from Psalm 46:2 c/3c.

” A great deal of scripture tracks are really sensual,” he told The Guardian in 2016. “It’s such romantic as well as decadent music regarding wishing to be possessed and subsumed by this guy. It was only when I began dating that I realised I really did not know the distinction in between a person I had an interest in and also Jesus.”

On the spectacular “Pussy is God”, King Princess takes the suggestion of exactly how ladies essentially give birth to life and also elevates it to an event of female sex. It adhered to the launch of Ariana Grande’s 2018 single “God is a Female” and Janelle Monae’s ode to the vaginal canal: “Pynk”. Taylor Swift’s “False God”, from her brand-new album Enthusiast, references just how “faith remains in your lips” as well as “the church is my hips”, while on MUNA’s 2017 track “End of Wish”, Katie Gavin sings: “Deep down I recognize/ I am venerating a false idolizer/ Deep down I know/ It’s a false hope/ Yet I won’t let go of this feeling/ Like I have actually got something to rely on.”

Nakhane, a London-based, South Africa-born vocalist, blurs the limit between spiritual as well as sexual worship to the point that the audience is unable to set apart in between his fan and God: “Lord in your residence,” he sings on “Teen Prayer”. “He pins me down/ He relocates me.” “Reappropriation is an effective device,” Nakhane informed The Independent in 2015. “It’s take on to have a looking competition with something that has been utilized to damage you. You provide it vulnerable by altering its hate to enjoy.”

The Prince

Of all the musicians throughout history, nobody has actually reconciled religion and sexuality like Prince. “Every song was either a petition or sexual activity,” style doubter Michaela Angela Davis claimed, adding that, in any case, his music “made you wish to drop to your knees”. Prince biographer Touré wrote: “You can keep in mind Royal prince as one of one of the most sex-related artists of perpetuity, and you would certainly be right, but he was additionally among one of the most important religious artists of all time.” Ben Greenman, author of Dig if You Will Certainly the Picture: Funk, Sex, God and Wizard in the Music of Royal prince, created of just how the musician showed up to interest God for self-constraint in the midst of carnal lust on “Purple Rain”.

Among Royal prince’s natural successors is London-based artist Collard, 24, who was raised a rigorous Mormon, but whose puncturing falsetto cry is pure sex. He calls his music a research of his religious principles, and also while he is no more an energetic member of the religious community, his confessional lyrical style as well as motifs of sense of guilt, lust and also love feel directly influenced by his upbringing. Two songs from his debut cd, Unholy, represent two sides of the very same coin: the insanely hot opener “Heck Song” is about wanting to burn with your fan, while “Warrior Cry” has to do with a partnership in which Collard felt “conserved”.

Female musicians

Similarly, female musicians are taking old tropes of pop music– specifically the possessive, egocentric attitude of a lot of male vocalists who constantly utilize a leading narrative in their songs– as well as adapting them to share their very own needs to challenge the way we think of women sexuality. On L Devine’s obscenely appealing single “Nude Alone”, she makes it quite clear what she wants: “Well I hit up every name in my contacts/ But I can’t even get one text back/ All I actually require is some sex, you feel me?”

” I wrote ‘Naked Alone’ when I was 19 and also had just moved to London from Whitley Bay,” she tells The Independent. “I hardly knew anyone at all, so as you can visualize, I was truly lonely most of the moment, which went hand-in-hand with some sexual aggravation. I was rather completely oblivious concerning how much a girl talking about being horny would certainly become a speaking point.”

For Devine, discussions concerning sexuality are more open and less taboo than ever, and she questions if millennials have greater requirements than previous generations, as well as this is why they’re having much less sex. “Maybe we think we can simply do it much better ourselves,” she jokes. “I think millennial women reveal their sexuality by themselves terms. Discussions concerning the women climax as well as masturbation are no longer something to be reluctant around.”

Women self pleasure in pop music has appeared numerous times on the graphes over the last few years. There was Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” (” I’m gon na place my body first/ And also enjoy me so difficult ’til it injures”), Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s “Feeling Myself”, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Party for One”, and also Charli XCX’s “Body of My Own” (” Reason I can make it feel just like I’m hanging on/ Yeah I can do it better when I’m all alone”). Female artists are likewise being much less refined concerning their pursuit of sexual enjoyment– and also their rashness with those incapable to satisfy it. “Bitches”, a remix of Tove Lo’s track including Charli XCX, Icona Pop and Elliphant, consists of verses such as: “Let me be your guide when you consume my pussy out,” while the coming with video showed the group of women educating a man how to carry out oral sex on his partner.

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5 Plumbing Myths

Having a healthy plumbing system is a desire for all the property owners yet it is one of the most ignored system in our home. A lot of individuals have really little expertise concerning the pipes as well as this is the reason that many misconceptions are related to pipes. Our pipes system (antlisi udaton) has numerous components so having knowledge about whatever is not possible however still, little understanding concerning pipes is called for to ensure that you can quickly learn the factor behind your pipes problem.

1. “Warm water purges down grease.”

This is a typical misunderstanding. Grease adheres to pipelines, drains pipes as well as hot water. Even boiling water does not remove oil or help it ‘flush’ down your drain. When warm water cools down over the grease, the grease solidifies and it in fact creates a thick coating within your pipes. This can trigger lasting problems, including backed-up or perhaps ruptured pipelines. Rather, clean the grease out of frying pans or pour it into a disposable jar and location in the rubbish.

2. “My sink is blocked … I’ll just use the plunger.”

Not so rapid! DIY blockage-unclogging is not as straightforward as you may first believe. It might likewise verify to be hazardous. After a few not successful tries with the bettor, you may assume that pouring a family chemical cleanser or drain cleaner right into the sink is the sensible next step. After waiting and also seeing that nothing has taken place, you may after that grab your bettor once more. Right here’s where you REALLY require to be careful! Unpreventable splash-back from diving can cause permanent skin damage, and if contact is made with the eyes, it can cause blindness. NEVER use a plunger after using a chemical to clear a blockage. Constantly utilize a bettor in a safe means– with no chemical representative.

Take into consideration making your very own all-natural drain cleaner using a half cup of cooking soda as well as vinegar, which is a lot less severe than chemical cleaners.

Something to be aware of: even if you are utilizing a plunger safely, however you have a double sink, as soon as the blockage is removed, the stress from diving can actually trigger the blockage to come up the other drainpipe. To avoid this, be certain you’ve covered the 2nd drainpipe opening totally with air duct tape. Unclogging one drain to merely block another will provide you more than you planned on.

3. “If it fits down the pipe, it’s all right to flush.”

Wrong. Just because the object might seem to fit down the pipe, it does not suggest it’s OKAY to purge. Take write-ups, such as scraps of food or women hygienic items, for example. These things could fit down a sink or bathroom from the entrance point, yet in truth, most pipes are no more than 4″ large. So flushing also smidgens of food down the sink can result in a buildup of particles as well as takes the chance of an obstruction in the piping.

In a comparable way, female sanitary products may vanish down the pipeline but after that promptly soak up water as well as increase. This might trigger obstructions, which can lead to bigger drain problems for the entire system. It’s constantly best to bear in mind that unless it’s a liquid (not oil or oil), after that it’s always best to utilize your trash can to dispose of such items.

4. “Flushable wipes are flushable.”

Not as apparent as it appears: A lot of wipes, including ones advertised as flushable, truly can not be removed by the sewage system or septic system. The truth is, they simply do not break down fast enough to truly be flushable. Customer News’ very own research agrees. Combined with other debris, they can grab on pipelines and also block the system, causing serious damages. Commodes are made to get rid of human waste. Utilize your waste-basket for whatever else.

5. “Pipes can manage all my weekend break visitors.”

Think again! You could well have the ability to take care of an overflow of home visitors and in-laws, yet your sewage system or septic line sure will not! This line performs all waste water from your home, consisting of the kitchen, showers, As Well As bathrooms.

So, if you have even more individuals than typical staying over, as well as particularly if you have slow drains pipes, guarantee that you surprise showers and also restroom time to ensure that the lines have adequate time to clear. By asking your visitors to be conscious with their water use throughout their stay, you can help you save on your own an odiferous, soppy yard, or a swamped cellar.

Understanding is power. Since these myths have been resolved, you have the expertise to maintain your plumbing, water line and sewer/septic line moving as they should, as well as inevitably secure your house against undesirable as well as pricey concerns.

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Fire doors criteria

A fire can begin in any kind of area in a home or workplace center. The intro of fire doors as well as additionally fire escape security along with protection regulations is to mainly have the capacity to contain the fire, along with additionally the smoke from that fire, in the room where it started for as prolonged as possible.

In lots of residential situations half an hour is worried adequate time to get rid of an area and additionally include the fire while all the structures travellers leave the house or company residence. Fire doors (portes pyrasfaleias) criteria, together with plenty of various other guidelines which review fire in the house are covered by Accepted Record B of the Building Legislations.

Details concerning Fire Doors and also Fire Door Closers

Exactly specifically how fire doors job in addition to where door closures in addition to fire-resistant locks in addition to hinges are required for fire as well as structure regulations: Find out just exactly how to follow the fire door plans suitable for the kind of residence and also assure that you fit the most reliable kind of fire immune or fire check as well as fire standing up to doors, fire door collections along with closers.

What is the Demand?

A Fire embedded in a third tale residence studio
Fire door, framework, turns, door closer as well as furthermore lock

A great deal of individuals get hung up on the term “Fire Door” thinking it to be ALRIGHT just to stick a fire door in an existing opening as well as additionally make the most of the initial joints as well as in addition lock etc from the very first door.

When the legislations go over fire doors, they are in fact talking about fire collections. A fire collection contains the door, the framework and likewise or door cellular linings, the architrave, the joints, the door gives up, the ceiling surrounding the door in a corridor in addition to the lock in addition to lock collection.

It would certainly be meaningless to have a door which would certainly hold fire back for half an hour if the lock or joints defrosted in 5 minutes as well as additionally smoke was splashing with locations in the structure after 10. All products along with products capitalized on in the instalment of fire doors along with fire collections require to be Cert-fire certified as well as in addition where ideal, CE kept in mind.

Meaning of Fire Door

The interpretation of a fire door is a door establishing, or door collection, which has actually been made to maintain back fire along with smoke for a significant period. It is fairly merely a door, framework, lock as well as similarly rotates created to stop the spread of fire along with smoke, offering you a possibility to head out.

Fire Door Hinges

All fire taking on doors have to be a close fit to the framework with a maximum room of 5mm. They need to be hung on steel joints (minimum 3 rotates per door) with a melting aspect of not much less than 800 degrees Centigrade.

Fire Door Locks along with Latches

Ironmongery on a door, or door home furnishings as it is understood, which is needed to withstand the cozy from a fire, is called needed ironmongery. Door handles, door locks in addition to also secures secondhand ablaze doors which have a safeguarding device which is required to the lock itself require to be CE considerable. Mortice or tubular locks require to comply with BS EN 12209.

Letterboxes can be made use of with fire doors nonetheless the letter plate or letter box must be CE significant in addition to you need to check out the vendors requirements that the door you are using is approved with having a letter box or letter plate mounted.

Hanging a Fire Door

Fire doors are waited on likewise as numerous other doors but treatment should be taken as fire doors are solid wood as well as likewise remarkably substantial. They in addition call for 3 joints per door. To learn simply exactly just how to hang a door see our hanging a door task right below.

It is important to keep in mind that a fire door require to be preserved closed. Yes, door closers are an issue yet the building policies exist to keep us guard as well as also a little trouble is definitely really little contrasted to positioning life in jeopardy. Please be careful when fitting fire doors.

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The Ultimate Guide OF Bohemian style

Artistic, relaxed, freed.

Bohemian style(gynaikeia rouxa) is greater than simply a fashion fad it’s an actual society in its very own right, one that includes an extremely certain belief and difficult background. While it’s closely connected with the hippie fashions of the 60s as well as 70s, nowadays, bohemian fashion becomes part of the conventional society. However fact is, boho fashion really started as a counterculture back in the 19th century. Today, the wide range of boho clothing and also accessories make the style a real phenomenon, one that adheres to the lines of easy, unwinded style, with its loose-fitted clothes products, informal devices and also general creative, creative collection of components.

The fashions identified as bohemian stand for the way of life ideological background that features it: a choice to the conventional means of clothing, paired with a just as alternate, much more liberated lifestyle and also a social stance versus every little thing from materialism to culture’s constraints.

History of Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is defined as an alternate type of fashion, various from the mainstream trends of any provided period in time. In fact, this exact interpretation puts on the whole background of the pattern. Over 200 years back, bohemian was a term referred to an unique design feeling, normally connected with the musicians of the time, as well as with authors and also particular eccentric intellectuals.


The Very Early 20th Century Bohemian Icons

In the very early 20th century, developers began taking the bohemian fashion to the following level. Amongst them was Paul Poiret, who integrated a range of ethnic details right into his styles, including Russian and Middle Eastern elements. Furthermore, fabric developer William Morris created a selection of patterns for both interior decoration as well as fashion, including lavish floral prints, paisley as well as swirls, all elaborate and also highly ornamental.

The Hippie Era

The Bohemian Motion took a brand-new definition in the 1960s, one that was about to alter the interpretation of style. Back when the Hippie Motion stood against conventional lifestyles, new apparel designs including ethnic gowns, needleworks, combined prints, quantity, fringe and also flared shapes began obtaining popular. The hippies declined every little thing from mainstream worths to materialism, and also from well established organizations to social constructs, which was apparent in their style selections that broke the structured, sleek as well as sophisticated silhouettes of the previous decade.


Trademark elements of Boho-chic

Boho style is everything about the natural materials from fragile cotton, bed linen and also chiffon to the more long lasting natural leather, suede, sheepskin and also fur. Oversized garments is common, with tunic design blouses and kaftan dresses that can be easily layered with tighter garments, or adapted as well as cinched to match your structure with belts or headscarf.

Lengthy floaty maxi skirts, large balloon sleeves as well as droopy cardigans create the traditional ‘peasant’ appearance. Colour combinations range from autumnal tones like deep browns as well as tans to charcoal, to cooler neutrals like milky whites and also soft lotion to beige and taupe. Individuals frequently couple avant garde vibrant patterns with neutral pastels to balance a clothing. Enhance your appearance with shoelace, crochet, embellishments as well as beads. Incorporate animal print, African prints as well as florals.

On your feet, believe Cowboy boots or thick-heeled ankle joint boots, or in warmer climate choose Roman shoes or ballet flats. Complete your look with lengthy layered pendants or one declaration rather pendant, and opt for dangly jewellery. Rocks, shells, natural leather, steels, plumes and also fringe prevail in boho jewellery.

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Should Men with ED Use Telehealth Platforms?

Justin was 24 years old and in his sexual prime. Or at least, he thought he should be. The last few times he wanted to have intercourse, his erection was rather…lackluster. It wasn’t firm at all, and while his partner didn’t say anything, he was sure his performance disappointed them both.

“I’m too young for this,” he thought. He had seen commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs on television, but the guys always seemed so much older. This type of stuff didn’t happen to younger guys, did it?

He didn’t go to the doctor often, and he couldn’t imagine calling for an appointment for this specific problem. But as time went on, his erections became less predictable. He knew he had to do something.

While surfing online, he found some websites that offered erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs that could be discreetly delivered to his home. He could talk to a doctor through video chat and get a prescription easily. Was this the route to take?

In this post, we’ll consider Justin’s question.

What is telehealth?

Technology has brought people closer together in ways we might not have imagined thirty years ago. And this includes doctors and patients, who can now use the internet to communicate through telehealth (sometimes called telemedicine). Patients can email their doctor, send relevant pictures, and have videoconference discussions of symptoms and treatment options without actually getting together in an office or exam room. These communications can take place on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. In some cases, patients can receive prescriptions through telehealth services.

Why might men with ED consider telehealth?

“Seeing” a doctor online is convenient. Patients can do so in the comfort of their own homes, without the hassle of traveling there, finding parking, or taking time off of work. In addition, many men feel awkward or embarrassed about sexual health problems. Telehealth might offer a degree of privacy, as long as the connection is secure.

Why should men with ED see a doctor in person?

While telehealth has its advantages, it is not a substitute for seeing a doctor in person. For men with ED, this is especially important.

ED is often a sign of more serious health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes, the links are complicated. For example, erections might be impaired by hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), low testosterone levels, or autonomic neuropathy (a form of nerve damage). To learn more about these issues, a physical exam is essential. Lab tests may also be ordered, and these can only be done during a traditional office visit.

In fact, ED diagnosis guidelines issued by the American Urological Association (AUA) stress the importance of a physical exam:

Men presenting with symptoms of ED should undergo a thorough medical, sexual, and psychosocial history; a physical examination; and selective laboratory testing.

In other words, a telehealth doctor may be able to prescribe an ED medication, but he or she will not have all the information necessary to determine exactly why a man has ED.

A comprehensive physical exam can reveal any underlying medical conditions, and treatment can begin immediately. Erections can improve, and the risk of any further complications can be reduced.

Dr. Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, President of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (the organization behind SexHealthMatters.org) contributed to the AUA guidelines on ED. In an interview with Business Insider, he pointed out that while not all men with ED are at risk for more serious health conditions, “but some are.”

“To lose that window of opportunity to address the bigger problem would be a pity,” Dr. Sadeghi-Nejad added.

Next steps?

Some men might find it difficult to work up the nerve and mention ED to the doctor. But it’s worth making the call. It can lead to more satisfying, more confident sex. And it can help you and your doctor address any bigger health concerns that need attention.

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Genital Herpes: What Does It Mean For Sex?

A diagnosis of genital herpes can be devastating. You might feel confused, angry, bitter, afraid, and sad. How could this have happened? Who “gave” you the virus? How will you explain this to your partner? Will this be the end of your sex life?

It’s a delicate problem, and it takes time to process. The good news is that you can still enjoy intimacy with your partner. But from now on, you need to be very, very careful about your sexual relationships.

What is genital herpes?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). It can be spread by skin-to-skin and genital contact, and also through oral sex.

There are two types of HSV linked to genital herpes. HSV-1 usually causes cold sores and blisters around the mouth, but it can cause genital herpes, too. But most people who get genital herpes are infected with HSV-2.

There is no cure for genital herpes. Once the virus enters your body, it will stay with you. You can pass the virus to a partner even when you’re not having active symptoms.

What are herpes outbreaks?

HSV can be an unpredictable virus, and outbreaks come and go.

Outbreaks are times when you have the most herpes symptoms, which include lesions, sores, and blisters that appear on the genitals (the penis, scrotum, vagina, cervix, and vulva, for example), buttocks, or thighs. Sometimes, sores develop around the anus or mouth. The sores may be itchy or painful. Broken blisters may ooze, then scab over.

For some people, the first outbreak takes the longest to heal. After that, outbreaks tend to be shorter, but the time frame between outbreaks can be difficult to predict. Some people have “prodromal symptoms” like pain and tingling sensations, that let them know an outbreak is about to start.

It’s also possible to be infected with HSV and have no symptoms at all.

How is genital herpes managed?

Doctors treat herpes by prescribing antiviral drugs, such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir. Some patients are advised to take these medications every day to keep outbreaks under control.

Can I still have sex with genital herpes?

If you have genital herpes, you can still enjoy a healthy, satisfying sex life, but you should be extra cautious. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Your partner needs to know. It can be a difficult conversation to have, but anyone you have sex with should be aware of your situation. You can reduce the risk of spreading herpes, but you can’t eliminate it completely. Your partner will need to weigh that risk.
  • Never have sex during an outbreak. Herpes can be transmitted regardless of whether a person has active sores. But the likelihood increases during an outbreak.
  • Don’t touch the sores. Even if you are not having sex, you and your partner should never touch herpes lesions. If you do, wash your hands immediately.
  • Always use a latex condom during every sex act. And never re-use a condom. This means that if you and your partner engage in vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and mutual masturbation in one night, you need at least three condoms. You might consider carrying several with you to be on the safe side.
  • Don’t perform oral sex if you have a cold sore. This applies to both you and your partner. Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, which can be transmitted during oral sex.
  • Practice good hygiene. Washing your hands regularly is a good practice for everyone, but especially for people with herpes. Use a separate towel for your genitals, too.

Remember that even if your sex life changes somewhat, your bond with your partner can still stay strong. And you can still stay physically connected through activities like kissing and cuddling. Having herpes may call for some adjustments, but it shouldn’t end the possibility for intimate relationships.


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4 Things to Remember when Buying Phone Cases

Spills, declines, as well as drops are simply a few of the regrettable events that might destroy your expensive phone or tablet. If you’ve ever lost your hold and watched helplessly as your phone rocketed towards the ground, after that you already understand how crucial a phone case (thikes kiniton) is.

From lightweight, slim cases to tough cases using the utmost in attributes as well as defence, our guide will make it simple for you to remember the 4 things when buying a phone case.

Expensive or cheap phone case?

You will hardly ever locate the very best cost for a case on a website, or a carrier site. The Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) are frequently discounted. When you identify the case you desire, do a contrast search and shop around.

Thikishop.gr is frequently the least expensive place to buy, however it pays to cast a broad net. You likewise have to look out for knock-offs. It’s worth stating that some case manufacturers will certainly offer a life time guarantee, however only if you buy directly from the manufacturer, to make sure that’s a possible reward to pay the complete retail price.

Do your research

Check out reviews of the cases you have an interest in. Even if you can not locate a testimonial for your specific phone model, other evaluations for the exact same producer will give you a basic feeling of the high quality. You can likewise find individuals talking about cases and also publishing pictures of them in numerous online forums around the internet.

It’s also essential to confirm that the case has exact cut-outs. Sometimes cases are rushed out the door and also they miss out on a port, button covers are rigid, or there are troubles with camera flash reflections. If something like cordless charging is important to you, or you wish to be able to dock your mobile phone with the case on, after that contact the maker before you acquire.

Pick your features

Think of added functions you might want in a case. For tablet cases, a landscape stand could be vital. Some cases likewise use several settings, as well as 360-degree joints. For phones, you’ll generally discover kickstands that pop out the back, however make certain they’re secure, since it can be bothersome if they bulge unwelcome. List what you really feel is important and also keep it as a checklist while you go shopping.

What does security mean for you?

Exactly how awkward are you? The first thing to exercise is how difficult you require your case to be. If you wish to be able to drop it on concrete with immunity, or have it survive a dip, after that you’ll require some severe security. If you’re mindful and also you simply want standard defence, after that you do not need to invest a lot. There is a clear trade-off in between the degree of security supplied and the bulk and weight included.

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Dating After Cancer – Taking the Next Steps

On SexHealthMatters, we often discuss how cancer and its treatment affect one’s sexual health. (See the links at the bottom of this post to learn more.) Often, a supportive partner plays an important role in sexual recovery after cancer. Usually, the partner has been there from the beginning and has some idea of what to expect going forward.

But what if you’re single?

The idea of dating after cancer may sound overwhelming, especially if you have been out of the dating scene for a while. But there’s no reason you can’t have a satisfying dating life – and sex life – as a cancer survivor.

Just take it step by step.

Are you ready?

During your cancer treatment, dating was probably not your top priority. And you might not feel up to it at first. That’s okay – the timetable is up to you.

Don’t rush into dating because you feel you should. There is nothing wrong with waiting, if that is what feels right to you. But if you do feel like dating, or if you meet someone who interests you, then there’s no reason not to pursue it.

Meeting partners

In the age of dating apps, “swiping right,” and “swiping left,” it should seem easy to find potential mates. But sometimes that just isn’t the case.

Some people use dating websites specifically for cancer survivors. In this way, they might meet people who might better understand what they’re going through.

However, meeting partners “the old fashioned way” can be effective, too. Instead of focusing precisely on dating, try just having fun. Take that cooking class you’ve been thinking about, join a Scrabble club or a cosplay group, or volunteer with a cause you’re passionate about. You may meet partners, or you may not. But you will likely make friends who could introduce you to others later on.

Talking about cancer

When should you disclose your cancer situation to a new partner? The answer depends on you. Some people like to discuss cancer early in the relationship, so their partner is aware. Others prefer to wait until they know their new partner better. It’s entirely your call.

If you feel nervous about the conversation, think ahead to what you think your partner should know and what questions they may have. You don’t have to disclose more than you’re comfortable with, but preparing ahead of time can make the conversation go more smoothly. You might try writing down what you’ll say or practicing the dialogue with a friend.

It may also help to seek support from fellow cancer survivors. Ask your doctor about a group that meets in your area or look for one online. Peers can share their experiences with dating and cancer and offer tips for discussing cancer with partners.

Becoming intimate

Cancer and its treatment can take a toll on sexuality. Men might find it more difficult to achieve firm erections. Women may find intercourse uncomfortable because of vaginal dryness. People often struggle with body image after treatment, and worry that they will not be attractive to a sexual partner.

Don’t hesitate to ask your cancer care team about treatments for sexual problems. For example, ED can be treated, and vaginal lubricants and moisturizers may alleviate discomfort during intercourse.

You might also consider seeing a sex therapist who specializes in cancer care. A professional can help you navigate these changes, rebuild your sexual self-esteem, and offer practical suggestions to try in the bedroom.

When you’re ready to become intimate, be honest with your partner about any sexual concerns you have. If you are self-conscious about surgical scars, be open about it. If a specific sexual position is uncomfortable, try suggesting an alternative. If you need more time to get aroused, explain your situation and tell your partner how you enjoy being touched.

Chances are, your partner will appreciate your openness and reassure you that everything is okay. Remember, your partner wants to be intimate with you.

If it doesn’t work out…

If your first attempt at dating doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Sometimes, people just don’t click. That’s true regardless of whether someone has had cancer.

Don’t let cancer prevent you from having a fulfilling relationship. When you’re ready, just try again.

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