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Love and compassion are the two important things in any relationships. If there is enough of both any relationship in this planet will be strong, and it is hard for any external force to break it.

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Long distance relationship is a very complicated thing. It demands a lot of patience and trust. If you can pull it off, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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To all people who need some action without any strings attached, it is the perfect relationship to be in.

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It is absolute bliss to see couples who are so romantic with each other. The love that they share is something that cannot be described in words.

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Restore Your Septic System: What Contractors Don’t Want You to Know

As a consumer, you don’t want spend a penny more than is absolutely necessary when restoring your septic system.  Your neighbors are not going to care whether you chose to replace your septic system with the Rolls Royce of septic systems, or whether you flushed 100 store-bought septic treatments and solved the problem.

As we are professional plumbers from Athens, Greece ( ydravlikos )we have to tell you the following tips.

All they care about is that the septic smell and back-up is gone, same as you.  There is no prestige and nothing gained by spending extra, unnecessary money.  Septic contractors are not going to tell you that, and they certainly are not going to let you know that there are literally thousands of less expensive septic treatments that have proven to be effective enough to restore your septic system.

You can’t really blame them, the contractors I mean, in a world where septic systems run well and don’t need fixing, a septic contractor is obsolete, at least outside of the new housing market.  It’s no wonder they don’t want you to realize that science has caught up with them, and their fat pay check days are coming to an end.

The problem for contractors is that the combination of slow economic times and the internet have combined to turn consumers against them.  Rather than quickly picking up the phone to call a contractor, who as a professional is above second guessing, consumers are now turning to the internet to seek out alternative options to restore their septic systems.

Homeowners cannot just pull the trigger on 8, 9 and 10 thousand dollar repair bills the way they 5 or 7 years ago, it is not just an alternative homeowners seek; an affordable solution is the ultimate goal.

So what then can homeowners do to restore their septic system without spending thousands on replacement or expensive aeration systems, you ask?  It is simple.  Seek out a top of the line septic system “shock” treatment.  These high quality, highly concentrated doses of bacteria and enzymes rapidly restore the eco balance in your septic system to what it was when it was new.

We recommends this septic shock treatment to its readers.   This causes the rapid eating and digestion of solid waste.  While it may take 2-3 weeks to restore the full flow of your septic system, spending a few hundred dollars is a price that any household can afford, whereas 10,000 dollars to replace a system could stop many families in their tracks.

Restoring your septic system does not have to be a complicated drawn out process costing you and your loved ones years in retirement dollars or college funds.  If you can be a bit more patient and you choose the right septic product, restoring your septic system can be just weeks away.  Don’t make it more of a headache than it has to be.  Make the logical, financially sound choice to restore your system with septic treatments.

Other DIY Tips to Restore Septic System.

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Testosterone Therapy Guidelines From the Endocrine Society

May 01, 2019

How do healthcare professionals make decisions when diagnosing and treating illnesses? Certainly, their continuing medical education helps, and most attend conferences and keep up with research in their field’s peer-reviewed journals.

But professionals also consult guidelines issued by medical societies, such as the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) or the American Urological Association (AUA). Society panels take a close look at the latest clinical trials and other studies and use that evidence to develop recommendations.

Over the last few years, testosterone replacement therapy has been a hot topic for medical societies. Back in August of last year, we covered new guidelines from the American Urological Society. Today, we’ll discuss a set of guidelines that were updated by the Endocrine Society, a professional group of over 18,000 hormone specialists.

Since testosterone is an important hormone for men, the list of guidelines can be an essential tool for sexual health specialists and primary care physicians who treat men with hypogonadism (low testosterone).

The Endocrine Society guidelines were originally issued in 2010 and updated in 2018.

(Note: For a primer on hypogonadism, please see the links at the bottom of this post.)

Why were the guidelines updated?

Scientists have conducted a great deal of research on testosterone therapy in recent years. The updated guidelines reflect new findings and address concerns.

In addition, more men are seeking help for issues related to testosterone deficiency nowadays, and “low t” gets a lot of media coverage. As a result, men are asking their doctors whether testosterone therapy could help them. It’s critical that prescribers fully understand the benefits and risks.

What do the updated guidelines say?

Highlights of the Endocrine Society’s updated guidelines on hypogonadism include the following points:


  • In general, men shouldn’t be routinely screened for hypogonadism. However, a diagnosis of hypogonadism is recommended if a man has symptoms (such as low libido or fatigue), and a blood test reveals lower-than-normal testosterone levels.
  • Based on other hormonal measurements, men can be diagnosed with primary hypogonadism (caused by problems in the testes) or secondary hypogonadism (caused by problems in parts of the brain that trigger testosterone production).


  • The recommended goals of testosterone therapy are to “induce and maintain” secondary sex characteristics that are driven by testosterone (such as facial hair and muscle mass) and to alleviate symptoms like low sex drive.
  • Testosterone therapy is not recommended for men who would like to father a child in the near future. Men with certain health problems (such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, untreated severe obstructive sleep apnea, and recent heart attack or stroke) should not take testosterone.
  • Testosterone therapy might not be appropriate for men between the ages of 55 and 69 who are expected to live at least another ten years. Doctors should discuss the benefits and risks with these patients.
  • Men over age 65 shouldn’t be prescribed testosterone routinely. Instead, doctors should consider each individual’s situation.
  • Men with HIV, low testosterone, and weight loss might undergo testosterone therapy to gain and maintain weight.
  • Men with diabetes and low testosterone should not use testosterone as a way to control their blood sugar.


  • Once testosterone therapy has begun, men should have regular checkups to make sure it is working well and there are no side effects.
  • During the first year of therapy, men with abnormal prostate cancer screening results should see a urologist.

What does this mean for patients?

While these guidelines are intended for healthcare professionals, they can be useful for men, too.

Understanding the guidelines for any treatment you receive helps you weigh the pros and cons of therapy as you make health decisions.

“The [updated Endocrine Society] guideline emphasizes the importance of patient engagement in a shared decision-making process, especially with respect to the choice of treatment regimens and prostate monitoring,” said Dr. Shalender Bhasin, head of the guideline development task force, in an interview with Endocrine News.

Learn more

For more information on hypogonadism and testosterone, please see these links:

Low Testosterone

Unpacking the Latest Testosterone Therapy Guidelines

What Should Men Know About Topical Testosterone?

Self-Injectable Testosterone Now Available

FDA Approves Testosterone in Pill Form


Endocrine News

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The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

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It’s about the FIT and the Accesories (women bags)

Ugh, where do I start from? I have so much to say in this post not only about the clothes, but so many things personal. It seems like I am coming back to my own blog after forever.
Due to a very teeny-tiny mistake, I almost lost my website and honestly I was  heartbroken because I am a very restless/anxious person, oops! But aren’t all of us the same? I mean it just took me a second and small ignorance towards a mail, and one fine morning I woke up losing my website.

It was my worst nightmare and it came true. Dreams can shatter in one second, but this just made me realize the value of my blog, and taught me a lesson for life.

And l bought my dream bag from 4bag!

I have been struggling in between my jobs from the past two months, rarely did I have the time to shoot or pay attention to what I really LOVE, and that is my BLOG. But I am very grateful that this incident happened and I realized what I should have, two months back. No matter what I do in my life to survive in this world and to be independent, I am never going to be careless about things I love and am passionate about, phew!

On a lighter note let’s get back to the post, yay!

I took up a challenge with Aeom Couture and decided to be an Aeom Boss Babe for an entire day. As a blogger more than often I see myself struggling to choose my outfits for everyday. We not only go to our respective jobs, but in between attend events and parties, of course. I chose three outfits from Aeom Couture and styled them from day to night, and there I was done for the day and slaying!

What I truly loved about AEOM Couture , is that its  USP ,i.e, custom fit to suit all body types. You can design your own outfits and not worry about the fit. From designing to size everything is in your hand, and this really has been the best part about choosing and designing my outfits from AEOM Couture.

Being Aeom’s Boss Babe has been crazy, and you can be it too, I am sure you don’t want to miss this.

LOOK 1 : Meet and Greet

I chose this outfit because I am the most comfortable in shorts and I can literally live in them forever. Running around errands and meetings with being on top of my style totally has been kickass. Rhinestone cold- shoulder top with bow shorts was my way to spend my afternoon in.
Check it out!

LOOK 2 : Cocktail/Party inspo!

I really believe in my curves, since I am not blessed with a good height, why not show off what you already have, haha. But honestly I like choosing outfits that compliment my body, and Since I could customize my outfits in Aeom Couture and choose the right fit, I chose a body con dress which can perfectly go for a cocktail party and looks amazing. Just like me, you can make the right choice with your body too, don’t hide your curves just be comfortable with them instead. No matter how your body is- skinny, healthy, curvy or anything you can always look your best in choosing the best!

So be a Queen, anyway.

See more in our website.




What should be the ingredients for your SEO pie for success?

While many websites are still recovering from the Google Hummingbird release and Penguin 2.1 update, we’re also starting out on an adventure of a brand new year. So far we know that high quality content, authority and keyword relevance play a significant role in link relevance. But how should you get ready for the year ahead of you? Here are some ingredients that will ensure your SEO strategy for 2014 isn’t half baked!

Google Updates

2013 was tough year for SEOs and we should be ready for any potential updates in the coming year. The demand for genuine and high quality content is more important than ever, and users exposed to useful, interesting and relevant web content will definitely be rewarded with a more satisfying user experience too.

Social Media

Recently Bing and Google have both said that they follow the links shared on Facebook and Twitter. This is a clear indication that social media is going to be a significant influence on SEO rankings. Social media websites has been a key area of interest for SEOs, ever since this announcement, and if you build a faithful following via social media you will likely boost your organic rankings.

Mobile SEO

The amount of users who browse the internet through their mobile devices is soaring. Since most people now carry an internet enabled mobile device, mobile SEO is going to be a significant area to focus our attention on. Social plans like where to go out are frequently asked of friends via Facebook before going on a night out. If this trend is relevant to your brand you should give some priority for mobile internet users.

Schema Markups

This is a quick and easy way to improve the SERPs of any website with minimal effort. This surprisingly under-utilised useful tactic is expected to pick up steam this year. It is a common set of schemas created by the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) to understand the elements on a webpage and the brand. According to this schema the categorisation and identifying the information on a webpage is made easier, helping the page to stand out more prominently among the SERPs; understandably this could result in more clicks and better rankings.

Content Marketing

The traditional marketing methods are slowly losing their grip and content marketing is the way to go this year. It is the concept of communicating with your prospective clients (or existing clients in some cases) without any direct in-your-face traditional marketing methods. When relevant content is presented to a specific audience, the users will naturally embrace it and inadvertently lead to better brand recognition and greater sales and profits.

Are you well equipped for these trends and tactics for 2018? I hope this blog will help you to layout your SEO strategy for the challenging months ahead. There’s no time to waste; get planning now so you can battle hard against your competitors and win that bigger piece of the pie for your business!

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Multiple Sclerosis: Be Open to Sexual Changes

May 28, 2019

Last year, scientists reported that almost two-thirds of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience sexual challenges, with the most common problems being loss of libido, orgasm difficulties, and trouble with arousal (vaginal lubrication and erections).

While this rate is high, it doesn’t mean that people with MS can’t enjoy intimacy. But understanding the challenges, staying patient, and making adjustments will go a long way in keeping sexual relationships strong.


How does MS cause sexual problems? Here are some of the mechanisms:

  • Poor message transmission. MS is a central nervous system disorder that attacks the myelin sheath, the coating that protects nerve cells. The result is a disconnect between the brain and other body parts, including organs involved with sexual function. For example, a man with MS might receive sexual stimulation (such as an erotic image or touch), but his brain might not “get the message” to start an erection. Similarly, a woman’s vagina might not lubricate because it doesn’t “know” about sexual stimuli. For some people, MS leads to decreased – or increased – genital sensation. In some cases, touch might become painful.
  • Depression and anxiety. An illness like MS takes a toll on one’s mental health as well. It can be hard to plan for the future, and people may miss doing things they used to do. They might also worry about their partner’s feelings and reaction to the situation. Communication between partners can break down. Together, these factors can diminish libido and make it more difficult to become aroused.
  • Incontinence. Some people with MS feel nervous about having urinary accidents, especially during sex.
  • Fatigue. With MS, it’s not unusual to feel too tired for sex.
  • Spasticity and muscle weakness. Trouble controlling muscle movements or feeling weak in the muscles may make some sexual activities difficult.

Problems for Women

In November 2018, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine provided some insight on how extensive sexual dysfunction is among women with MS. Researchers looked at data from nine other studies on MS and female sexuality. Overall, almost 1,500 women – roughly half with MS – were involved.

In the analysis, women with MS were almost twice as likely to have sexual problems than women who didn’t have MS. Trouble with arousal, lubrication, desire, orgasm, and pain were more common in women with MS. They also tended to have lower sexual satisfaction.

Problems for Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem for men with MS. Erections might not be firm enough for sex, or they might not occur at all.

Fortunately, men with ED have a number of treatment options:

Men might also experience trouble with ejaculation.

Next Steps

If you or your partner is struggling with MS and intimacy, consider these options:

  • See your doctor. As about treatments for sexual issues. For example, the solution for poor vaginal lubrication might be an over-the-counter product. And as noted above, there are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Many people feel awkward discussing their sex life with their doctor. But remember, your doctor is there to help you.
  • Seek other professional help. Seeing a counselor or sex therapist, especially one who works with people with MS, can give you some new ideas to try in the bedroom. He or she can also help you cope with any depression, anxiety, or relationship conflict you might be experiencing. (Learn more about sex therapy here.)
  • Talk to your partner. Have an honest, open conversation with your partner about any changes in your sexual relationship and how you’re feeling about them. He or she might be feeling the same way but be hesitant to bring it up. Work as a team to keep your relationship on track, emotionally and sexually.
  • Plan for sex. For people with MS, it isn’t always possible to have sex at the spur of the moment. But you can plan for romance and intimacy. Figure out when you and your partner can have time to yourselves to relax and enjoy being together. It might not be as spontaneous, but having that time to look forward to can be just as exciting.
  • Take your time. If it takes you longer to become fully aroused or to climax, that’s okay. Just enjoy the journey and don’t worry about timetables.
  • Experiment. You might need to try other types of sexual stimulation because what worked for years might not be as effective. Now is a great time to try something new. That “something new” could be a new type of touch, different sexual positions, oral sex, the use of sex toys like vibrators, sex at a different time of day, or sex in a new location. Be open to new ideas.



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Marijuana and Male Fertility | SexHealthMatters.org

Jul 03, 2019

Marijuana (cannabis) use laws have been changing rapidly in North America. Last week, Illinois became the 11th U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana, and such use became legal across Canada last October. Mexico might legalize recreational marijuana later this year.

With marijuana more freely available, people do have health concerns. In regard to sexual and reproductive health, both men and women should know the possible short-term and long-term effects of marijuana on their sexual performance and fertility.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss some recent research of interest to men and to couples who are interested in having children.

Past Research

Before we get started, let’s take a moment to consider past research on marijuana and male fertility. Back in 2011, we reported on ways marijuana might affect sperm cells:

When healthy sperm cells are released, they don’t start swimming toward the egg right away. Instead, they go with the flow of the semen until they are closer to the egg. Then the swimming starts in a process called hyperactivation.

But sperm under the influence of marijuana start swimming immediately. The result? Many tire themselves out and don’t reach the egg at all.

Those that do reach the egg are less likely to fertilize it. This is because THC [tetrahydrocannabinol – marijuana’s active ingredient) hinders their ability to release enzymes needed to pass through the egg cell’s wall.

What do scientists think of marijuana’s effects on sperm now? The answers are mixed.

Increased Sperm Concentrations

In February 2019, researchers reported that men who had smoked marijuana in the past had “significantly higher concentrations of sperm” than men who had never smoked it.

Between 2000 and 2017, researchers collected and analyzed 1,143 semen samples from 662 men who were patients at a fertility clinic. The men also answered questions about their marijuana use.

Over half the men said they’d smoked marijuana at some point in the past. Forty-four percent said their smoking days were behind them, but 11% said they still smoked. About 45% of the men said they had never smoked marijuana.

Semen sample analyses showed that men with a history of smoking marijuana had an average of 62.7 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen. For men who had never smoked, the average count was 45.4 million sperm per milliliter.

The researchers also looked at how many men had sperm concentrations below 15 million per milliliter, the “normal” benchmark set forth by the World Health Organization. Five percent of marijuana smokers fell into this category, but over twice as many – 12% – of the nonsmokers did.

Does this mean that marijuana leads to higher sperm concentrations? Not necessarily. The authors pointed out that the men may have mis-stated their marijuana use, since the drug was illegal for most of the study period.

Also, the results run counter to previous studies that have shown negative effects on sperm. So more research is needed.

“These unexpected findings highlight how little we know about the reproductive health effects of marijuana, and in fact of the health effects of marijuana in general,” said study co-author Jorge Chavarro of the Harvard Chan School of Public Health in a press release.

“Our results need to be interpreted with caution and they highlight the need to further study the health effects of marijuana use,” he added.

Negative Effects on Sperm

Another study, published in April 2019, had some discouraging news for hopeful fathers.

At the annual meeting of the American Urological Association, researchers reported that sperm quality declined in men who used marijuana.

Their study involved 622 men between the ages of 18 and 59. One hundred twenty-five of the participants were infertile, 144 men used tobacco, and 74 men used marijuana. Another 279 fertile men who did not use tobacco or marijuana served as a comparison group.

After analyzing the men’s semen samples, the researchers found poorer semen parameters among marijuana users compared to the men who used tobacco. The marijuana users had fewer sperm cells per milliliter. Their sperm also had worse motility (ability to swim to an egg cell for fertilization) and poorer morphology (defects in size and shape).

The Takeaway

We still have a lot to learn about marijuana’s effects on our general health, as well as our sexual health. In the meantime, couples who hope to become parents should be open about their marijuana use when talking to their doctors. They should also be up front about the use of any other substances that could reduce their chances of conceiving.

Even if you’re not thinking about having children, take a moment to consider your own marijuana use. Do you think it’s impacting your health, even in subtle ways? If so, don’t hesitate to bring this up with your doctor and take steps to get your use under control.



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Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are formed from communication and then are continued with mutual respect and efforts. If you have been in a relationship for more than six months and if you sense that you are losing the spark that you have and want to give your relationship another go then here are some ways you can improve your relationship


The critical factor for a successful relationship is communication. Ask your partner about his day but asking it every day will make it boring. Try putting effort into your question by being more specific. This approach will ensure that you avoid falling into a routine and you are having a more meaningful relationship.


A monthly date night

In this busy day and age, having a relationship and finding the time for each other is a mammoth task. Plan a date night every month dedicated to just you two this will help spice up your love life. Try going out instead of staying in as going to a date night will last only one night, but the happiness will stay much longer.

Express your appreciation

An act of kindness or just appreciating brings a lot of comfort into a relationship. A small gesture from your partner is will reinforce your partner to be more thoughtful and mindful of your feeling and will most often than not trying to do similar things to make you happy.

Remember the small thins

Add some meaning to your conversation by listening to your significant other talking about you or any events in the future. If your partner mentions something important remind him of that as this little things mean the most when and remembering these things is the best way to show your partner that you are putting some effort into your relationship.


Let go of the past

Past is gone, and it does not always stay. It is difficult to move forward after your relationship has taken a hit. Try to move out of it, as this might ruin your relationship. If you find that you still continue to look at the past and sob. Try to reconsider what is making you do so and find clarity within you and also your partner

Know your partner’s boundaries

Try to understand your partner’s space, by understanding their boundaries you can stop yourself from crossing them. Your partner’s way of holding his privacy is most likely to be different from your, and he might like to stay alone when he is upset or might not want to talk or text about the same, try respecting them and move away from the situation. This will ensure that you respect boundaries and also improve your relationship in the long run.

Portrayal Of Women In The Media & How It Affects Us


Women perpetrated in the media and it has a great effect on men!


Winter trade in the media in today’s culture and we could even say pop culture is getting even more crude as it goes along. From the simple changes of the one piece bathing suit to the micro bikini, the founding fathers views on naked pictures to the subculture of Internet pornography (Athens call girl or Athens call girls), the views and women have changed but the nasty feelings behind them have it.


Yes, women have gained the right to vote and the ability to be independent, free and at liberty to choose, to divorce, to work, even the power right over the dual ship of birthing a child. However, it seems one thing has not changed, from women being second-class slaves from the years 1000 BC to 1880 A.D., to the re birthing of women’s rights and liberating of the household woman.


We have seen women allow themselves to use sexual power in the media to sell, whether it is a ridiculous perfume or some clothes that are American-made, thus they’re allowed to show half naked Americans, because again there 100% American, to Victoria’s Secret being the fact that her closer made in sweatshops and the models are paid so much that they deserve to be in the 1% that everyone seems to hate recently.



The thrill of women has been used to cloak over what’s being done behind closed doors. It’s a sad fact that the media betrays women as if they are still objects to be owned, while allowing them to rise up and claim the spotlight of independence inside of the media mogul chain.


All the while, women feel liberated, men are looking at more breasts and being more programmed to all their life satisfactions will come from mammary glands and how large they are!


The use of media has always been about power, from Hitler forcing the use of the population to watch two hours of his propaganda so that they would be fully willing to go into a world war for the great hero, to the use of women to actually affect what men should think do and say because of their physical beauty. The media knows that women have a power over men sexually, and they make darn sure to use 100% of that knowledge to control men.


It’s sad because sometimes when you wake up to these disgusting commercials and what they really program us with, I even wonder if I was ever supposed to like breasts as a man myself. It’s not like the milk was meant for me this late in my life, I was a baby once and I had my time, but I’m done nursing.


Aren’t all the other guys out feeling the same way as me? Sure women (Athens call girl or Athens call girls) can be physically attractive, in their face, curves, attitude, mentality, etc. But why are we so drawn to breasts as a male… in one word… MEDIA!!!

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Stay Connected With Your Partner

It is important that you stay connected with your partner and follow our tips to make the most of it.
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