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Having issues with your dating lives and relationships? This the ideal place to be. We have solutions for all the issues that you will be facing in your relationships. Spend a few minutes, and we can assure you that you will be clear in a lot of things.

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Sign Of True Love

Love And Compassion

Love and compassion are the two important things in any relationships. If there is enough of both any relationship in this planet will be strong, and it is hard for any external force to break it.

Love & Relationships

Long-Distance Relationships

Long distance relationship is a very complicated thing. It demands a lot of patience and trust. If you can pull it off, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

Casual Sex Relationships

To all people who need some action without any strings attached, it is the perfect relationship to be in.

Romantic Couples

It is absolute bliss to see couples who are so romantic with each other. The love that they share is something that cannot be described in words.

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Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are formed from communication and then are continued with mutual respect and efforts. If you have been in a relationship for more than six months and if you sense that you are losing the spark that you have and want to give your relationship another go then here are some ways you can improve your relationship


The critical factor for a successful relationship is communication. Ask your partner about his day but asking it every day will make it boring. Try putting effort into your question by being more specific. This approach will ensure that you avoid falling into a routine and you are having a more meaningful relationship.


A monthly date night

In this busy day and age, having a relationship and finding the time for each other is a mammoth task. Plan a date night every month dedicated to just you two this will help spice up your love life. Try going out instead of staying in as going to a date night will last only one night, but the happiness will stay much longer.

Express your appreciation

An act of kindness or just appreciating brings a lot of comfort into a relationship. A small gesture from your partner is will reinforce your partner to be more thoughtful and mindful of your feeling and will most often than not trying to do similar things to make you happy.

Remember the small thins

Add some meaning to your conversation by listening to your significant other talking about you or any events in the future. If your partner mentions something important remind him of that as this little things mean the most when and remembering these things is the best way to show your partner that you are putting some effort into your relationship.


Let go of the past

Past is gone, and it does not always stay. It is difficult to move forward after your relationship has taken a hit. Try to move out of it, as this might ruin your relationship. If you find that you still continue to look at the past and sob. Try to reconsider what is making you do so and find clarity within you and also your partner

Know your partner’s boundaries

Try to understand your partner’s space, by understanding their boundaries you can stop yourself from crossing them. Your partner’s way of holding his privacy is most likely to be different from your, and he might like to stay alone when he is upset or might not want to talk or text about the same, try respecting them and move away from the situation. This will ensure that you respect boundaries and also improve your relationship in the long run.

Portrayal Of Women In The Media & How It Affects Us


Women perpetrated in the media and it has a great effect on men!


Winter trade in the media in today’s culture and we could even say pop culture is getting even more crude as it goes along. From the simple changes of the one piece bathing suit to the micro bikini, the founding fathers views on naked pictures to the subculture of Internet pornography (Athens call girl or Athens call girls), the views and women have changed but the nasty feelings behind them have it.


Yes, women have gained the right to vote and the ability to be independent, free and at liberty to choose, to divorce, to work, even the power right over the dual ship of birthing a child. However, it seems one thing has not changed, from women being second-class slaves from the years 1000 BC to 1880 A.D., to the re birthing of women’s rights and liberating of the household woman.


We have seen women allow themselves to use sexual power in the media to sell, whether it is a ridiculous perfume or some clothes that are American-made, thus they’re allowed to show half naked Americans, because again there 100% American, to Victoria’s Secret being the fact that her closer made in sweatshops and the models are paid so much that they deserve to be in the 1% that everyone seems to hate recently.



The thrill of women has been used to cloak over what’s being done behind closed doors. It’s a sad fact that the media betrays women as if they are still objects to be owned, while allowing them to rise up and claim the spotlight of independence inside of the media mogul chain.


All the while, women feel liberated, men are looking at more breasts and being more programmed to all their life satisfactions will come from mammary glands and how large they are!


The use of media has always been about power, from Hitler forcing the use of the population to watch two hours of his propaganda so that they would be fully willing to go into a world war for the great hero, to the use of women to actually affect what men should think do and say because of their physical beauty. The media knows that women have a power over men sexually, and they make darn sure to use 100% of that knowledge to control men.


It’s sad because sometimes when you wake up to these disgusting commercials and what they really program us with, I even wonder if I was ever supposed to like breasts as a man myself. It’s not like the milk was meant for me this late in my life, I was a baby once and I had my time, but I’m done nursing.


Aren’t all the other guys out feeling the same way as me? Sure women (Athens call girl or Athens call girls) can be physically attractive, in their face, curves, attitude, mentality, etc. But why are we so drawn to breasts as a male… in one word… MEDIA!!!

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