The 4-Hour Chef Wins — Gourmand Awards "Best in the World"

Greetings from Paris!

I am ecstatic to announce that The 4-Hour Chef has won Best First Cookbook at the 18th Annual “Best in the World” Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (!!!).

26,000+ food and wine books are produced every year, and 8,000+ books from more than 100 countries participate in the Gourmand Awards.

I was at a loss for words on the platform above. I was more surprised than this (see :08 forward).

Thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality. It was all worth it.

Thank you to my incredible family.

Thank you to my wonderfully supportive girlfriend.

Thank you to every one of you, my dear readers. You’re the reason I keep writing.



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142 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef Wins — Gourmand Awards "Best in the World"”

    1. Honestly I don’t think this book has much validity outside of the US. It will be really hard to get some of the ingredients.

      I was born in Mexico and I don’t think I could’ve gotten past the third recipe back home.

      But what do I know, I’ve never been to France

    2. Me too, I would love see 4HC translated in French.

      It took very long time for the 4HB to be in french version.

      This 4HC is so much more than only about cooking, so yes it has great validity outside of US too.

      We know you’re very busy Tim, but please make it translate faster than 4HB.

      Thanks and Congrats again 😉

  1. Right on TIm! Keep doing what you’re doing, you inspired and continue to inspire me so much, just in the last 8 months that I picked up all of your books. From Body to Work Week to Chef, just life changing material and I thank you.

  2. WOW TIM!!!


    Por eso tengo los libros que sacas en español!!!! Sos mi Guia.

    Saludos desde URUGUAY!!!

    Adelante Tim!!

  3. Congratulations Tim! I also wanted to thank you for all the positive impact you have had on my life. I am avid follower of yours and try live my life with the principles you have outlined in your books. I would die for the opportunity to meet you one day!

    Thanks again for everything! Keep up your great work!

    P.S. Nice to see you in a suit for once!

    1. Tim’s a great guy – met him when he gave a talk at the Apple Store in SoHo, NY. There was a line of 100+ people and he stayed an extra hour or more to shake every hand and talk with every single person. I was very impressed.

  4. Tim? I think I read in 4HWW some chapter, where you say you’re a bad cook… haha 😀 🙂

    Martin, from Czech Republic

  5. Congrats Tim!

    I must say you’re looking PHYNE in that pic. Either you’ve got a fashionable friend or perhaps you’ve deconstructed fashion? =)

  6. Great…! 😉

    Long was the road from your 3min breakfast Youtube video and white eggs:

    Just inspiring for all of us… Bravo!

    And by the way I’m in Paris, and you have a lot of fans here, so even if you stay few hours in Paris, would be glad to say hello and drink some red wine we all know you love 😉

    I’ll chek my emails this afternoon in case.

    Encore Bravo ! (in French “again congrats”)

  7. Congratulation Tim for the award and for the love and support of many people inspired by your guidance and advices .


  8. Just when you think you can’t get more amazing. You go ahead and get even MORER amazing. You’re amazing. I will meet you one day and I will be someone you know because I am following your lead to being amazing.

  9. Congrats!

    Tim, I have all three books, including the Japanese version of 4HWW, but can’t find the Japanese versions of 4HB and 4HC. Have they been released?

  10. Fine work Tim and an award well deserved!

    Exciting times!

    Did you ever think 10 years ago you’d be an award winning cookbook author? 😉

    1. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, Kevin and all!

      Haha… not in a million years could I ever have imagined it.


  11. Hey Tim, congrats!! My wife and I are in Paris right now…we are here for 2 months after applying a lot of the cool techniques in 4HWW. I sell real estate in Belize and have found a way to still do it while sipping wine at the finest Cafes in Paris. Thanks Tim, your book changed my life.

    Dennis and Stephanie

    PS – We are staying in the Latin Quarter just off the Rue Mouffetard. If you are around this way let me know. Would love to buy you a glass (or bottle) of wine. Cheers!

  12. Great Job Tim. As a chef on the side, I am always looking for different things to make and look forward to trying some of your recipes.

    Todd Nuttall

  13. Way To Go Tim! This Is Some Serious Streed Cred! It Must Have Been The Interview We Did Together! All Of The Judges Follow My Chef Mark Garcia Blog! LOL

    Seriously Though…Way To Go!

  14. Heck yeah!!

    Tim, the reason this book is truly so much better than all the rest is not that it has better recipes or even better methods per se (although I would argue that these are also top class), but that the art of cooking is presented in a very practical way that is easy to absorb and retain.

    Now the only question I have left is…what’s next? 😉

  15. So Mr. Ferris, where do you expect the rest of us to purchase liquid nitrogen?

    At the local neighborhood store???

    For crying out loud!

  16. I just did the scallop recipe. With The 4 Hour Chef I have turned from totally uncomfortable in the kitchen into a competent cook. Almost all the dishes I have made I will use in my regular repertoire. My wife is thrilled with the break from all our food preparation responsibilities and the quality of the dinners I’ve made. What a blast.

  17. That’s awesome Tim!

    Very rarely do I smile that much after seeing/hearing about some one win something. But if anyone deserves an award like this, it’s you man. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Rock on!

  18. Congratulations Tim. Your book and your numerous insights inspire so many people on different levels.

    In particular, my father who is a stoic, opinionated, European 73 year old and over 350lbs has embarked on the 4 hour body. This landed for him immediately. In six weeks he has lost 25 pounds.

    For anyone judging this book they can clearly see that it is beyond well thought out and tested. Sure, you, your mind, and body may want to fight it; yet follow the 4 Hour Body and results do follow.

    Tim, this is well deserved.

    Congratulations and thank you. For not just writing this book but sharing it so openly online. You deserve this kudo.

    In the Year of the Snake, and this upcoming 12 year cycle may abundance continue to shower you.



  19. Hi Tim,

    Once more, I’m pleasantly surprised to see how fast you go into making us discovering cool new stuff!

    Now a beautiful website about crazy recipes!

    Man, you never sleep?!… please don’t!


  20. Bought this book for my brother in law, who is a michelin star chef, as a christmas gift.

    He was dubious about the book. Two months later his wife told me it has become his bible in the home, and at work…

    Congratulations and can’t wait for your next book…

  21. Tim – what are your thoughts on Bulletproof CEO Coffee – for optimizing brain function? Have you tried it for yourself?



  22. Tim Ferriss! So glad to have found you. I believe you would be interested to know that I found you strictly through podcasts. After hearing you on Jay Mohr’s, I chased down the one with Rogan and am fascinated and inspired by your eclectic mixture of valuable data with regards to everything from guerrilla marketing to biohacking to memorization!

    Again, much congratulations to you on your success, and genuine hope for it to continue. You are a positive impact on our world and there are many of us out among the masses that appreciate it greatly.

  23. Congratulations!

    Bask for a while, then once more into the fray!

    Might I suggest a book on how to think, metacognition tricks, mental models, and an expanded section on task or problem deconstruction and ways to analyse things from a new direction. I think that skill is the “special sauce” to the sucess of your books. (That and a ton of work)

  24. I’m speechless– also bc I am stuffing my face with spelt rosemary no knead bread bread toast….felicitations on being Best in the World!

  25. Congrats!! Enjoy the thrill!

    With all you’ve accomplished, I imagine it takes quite a bit to give you an “achievement high.” Glad you had this opportunity to summit a new peak.

    To your brilliance!

    Elizabeth Grace Saunders

  26. It’s good to see Tim Ferriss getting the recognition he deserves. He and his books have completely changed my life for the better. The 4-Hour Chef is definitely the best cookbook of the year.

    Thanks Tim,


  27. Congratulation on another successful book.

    What’s the next area that can be disrupted in just 4 hours per week?



  28. Off topic…. signed up for your Quarterly box, which I received. Your video mentioned a Bio-something that was supposed to be in the box, and it wasn’t. Was there a change of plans? Just me? Contact Quarterly? I did send them an email first, but didn’t know where else I could post this. (is there a “ask tim/cohorts” button somewhere?

    Anyway, if this is still moderated, at least you will see it. Thanks,

    1. Follow up…. the video on Quarterly says the box should contain Biophase protein and Athletic Greens (in addition to the other cool stuff…). Quarterly is saying that it should only contain one or the other, even in the US. That isn’t what the video says- and the note that came in the box says that some non-US customers would receive Biotrust in place of Athletic Greens due to shipping regulations. Methinks there is some confusion going on….. Do we get both like the video says? Or just one of them, and the note didn’t spell it out clearly? And where in tarnation is that “contact Tim & Co.” button so I don’t have to clutter up your congratulations thread?……..

  29. Congratulations. I’m a huge fan of yours having all 3 books now. I already knew how to cook, but your approach to learning always fills me with enthusiasm, and that’s a good thing. Keep up the good work.

  30. Hi Tim!

    Just finished reading 4HB and started implementing many of the principles with visible success! Thanks.

    Thought I might issue you a challenge!

    I am British but living in my wife’s native Sweden. I am soon turning 47 but always been keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the occasional beer or glass of wine.

    my challenges of choice have been long distance running, London Marathon 5 times (best time 3:45). Here in Sweden being a land with four distinct seasons there is a competion called “Svenska Klassiker” (Swedish Classics) with consists of four events of a very different nature.

    Vasaloppet – 90km cross country skiing. (March)

    Vätternrundan – 300km cycling(June)

    Vansbrosimmet – 3km swim (in river fed from snow melt) (July)

    Lidingöloppet – 30km trail (September)

    The trick is to complete the events in an elapsed year (preferably a calendar year).

    Given the allround training potential – I thought it might be something that you might like to take on. I have competed in Lidingöloppet 5 times (PB 2:32). But I am yet to try the others – indeed I am yet to stand on cross-country skis.

    What do you think? Are you game? We could set it up as a remote challenge. I would love to see you principles put into practice – could be a fun project. Indeed evidence of 4HB’s effectiveness.

    let me know what you think



  31. I started the diet a week and a half ago and saw results that I was happy with. However, I am hypoglycemic and did not feel well at all. I started having severe hypoglycemia symptoms and had to stop. Is there a way to modify this diet for my condition and still see the same results.

    Thank you.

  32. Hi, Tim. We saw in your book your recipe for “Middle Eastern Eggs” includes the “Optional Pairings” of the eggs and the song “Pa Bailar” from Bajofondo. Just an FYI that the band is releasing a new album on Tuesday – Presente – with more delicious songs!

  33. I think you missed the really noteworthy part of this post Tim – you wore a suit.

    THAT is a world first for the 4 Hour Community.

  34. Hi Tim,

    How do you heal your kidneys? I think I have damaged my kidneys or impaired my kidney function. I’m not sure how I’ve done this (maybe protein intake?). Now, anytime I drink any coffee or alcohol I get lower back or flank pain. Is there anything I can do?



  35. Tim – quick tip on posting Amazon links that automatically detect a user’s country and sends them to the right Amazon site:

    you might notice, after clicking your links any user not in the US has to manually go to their own country’s Amazon site, and then manually search for your books. This website handles all that for you, and sends them right to the correct sales page.



    Thriller Author

  36. Massive congrats on the success of the book Tim. Looking forward to more groundbreaking work from you.



  37. Marry the girl. You’re overdue. Marriage will increase productivity cause you’ll have to get out of the house more!

    Plus, you need to hack having children.

  38. Hi Tim, i need a little guidance, i would like to adapt the slow carb diet for the mexican market, since many things you recommend cant be easily found here (like kombucha or PAGG) but also we can find many things that suppusedly help control sugar levels (prickly pear plants), how should i go about finding replacements and testing/experimenting with avaliable things (im seriously considering eating garlic cloves and sencha green tea by the spoonful)

  39. Hell yeah man!! Keep writing, please! You’re probably the most inspirational influence I’ve ever had in my life. I appreciate all of your work, and the energy the has developed in my life as a result of reading your books and trying to put them into action. Take care and God bless man!

  40. Congratulations Tim. Awesome! really happy for you. I love how you have expanded into so many different niches and dominate in each one of them. What makes it even more amazing is that you prove through your humility and graciousness that this is possible for anyone. Like you have said it is more than possible to be a jack of all trades and a master of many. Having said that, do you think one should focus intently on becoming a master at one trade before moving to the next? I get that you have done many things in your life, but it seems like you devoted much of your being to the mastery of work, then body, then food in that sequence, so did one occur independently of the other? Once each book was released/thousands and thousands of books sold/mastery is achieved, then do you move on to the next? Should a person devote every inch of their being to the mastery of one art, write a book on it (I firmly believe everyone should write a book, if only to learn more, because I find the writing process is not just to teach others but to teach yourself as well), then move to the next one?

    Thanks for creating possibility Tim!